What We Offer

Galloway Gonzalez Consulting offers a wide range of services for emerging and mid-level organizations. We have the talent in-house for many types of support and if there are additional needs, we will enthusiastically find the right match for you in our vast network.
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Leadership & Coaching

From the board to the executive director, successful leaders set the tone for an organization’s success. GGC provides a variety of services to help develop, coach, and advance leaders to unlock their full potential.

Board Development

Successful boards build successful nonprofits. Our team partners with you to customize your board development process including creating and implementing board committee structure, establishing board recruitment strategies, installing best practices for policy and governance, training on fundraising practices, building effective and productive board meetings, defining board roles and responsibilities, and more.

Coalition Building

Building strong community relationships and aligning efforts with influential supporters is instrumental for success. We work with you to bring the right people to the table.

Interim Executive Leadership

A moment of transition can often leave an organization with a gap in leadership. Our interim services will not only protect the integrity of that vacant position, but also prepare the incoming leader to take their new role and the organization to the next level.

Leadership Coaching

Achieve short- and long-term goals, whether personal or organizational, with customized personal coaching for individuals at any leadership level. We provide feedback and share insights via one-on-one sessions virtually or in person at a pace that works within your schedule.

Marketing & Events

Your organization’s public appearance is a key factor in its success, but it can be difficult to share your good news or plan a meaningful event when you have so much on your plate. GGC can help fill these gaps, ensuring the community knows, supports, and engages with your mission.

Event & Conference Planning

Achieve your goals and create a successful, memorable event that
stays within your budget. We offer the complete spread of services from venue management to marketing, as well as the ability to customize as needed.

Marketing & Communications

Great work deserves attention. Let us help you develop your brand, design
your campaign, manage your projects, ramp up your public relations efforts, and everything in between.

Presentations & Public Speaking

Tackle your conference, advocacy and fundraising event, or community meeting with confidence. We facilitate strategic discussions, help build consensus, instigate informative conversations, and deliver engaging presentations. We can provide a creative expert on any topic and tailor every presentation to fit the specific needs of your event.

Fundraising & Financial

You know your organization’s vision, but to achieve it, you need the appropriate funding to pay your hardworking staff, purchase supplies, and so much more. We work closely with you to identify resources, track expenses, and develop clear action plans to achieve real change.

Fundraising Strategy & Grant Writing

Every organization is actively looking to increase their revenue; but the path to sustainable growth is unique to each individual mission. We work with leadership and stakeholders to assess their current position and determine the best approach. We will coach individuals, team and boards.

Grant Writing & Budget Management

These additional services are offered to clients who are already working with us in another services area. Now that we know your work better, we can support those goals by integrating financial plans, tracking and copy writing.

Strategy & Operations

Whether bringing your organization’s vision to life, improving efficiency or streamlining processes, GGC will work collaboratively with you and your team to develop strategic and operational plans that will determine direction, drive change, and maintain momentum.

Business & Operating Plans

Have a great vision and strategy for your new idea but need to operationalize it? We will help you scenario plan, write a capital campaign, or create your operations plan for the next year.

Program Development

Branching out into something new? Want to create an income-generating program? Our team can support you in designing a documented plan that outlines analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation.

Project Management

We possess the tools, knowledge, and processes to ensure you successfully achieve all project goals within intended deadlines, scale, and budget.

Strategic Planning

Innovative and streamlined processes are the ingredients that make up our best practice model. We can help your team and your stakeholders realign your vision in a way that keeps your competitive edge in a sector that is rapidly changing. We facilitate collaborative planning for everything from mission statements to project strategy, helping you develop ideas into impactful tactics that ultimately achieve your goals.

Recruitment & Retention

Your team is your greatest asset. We can help you craft compelling job descriptions, identify candidates, and keep them with your organization well into the future with policies, procedures, and benefits that attract and retain the right people to achieve your mission.

Executive Search & Recruitment

Whether filling a position or creating a new one, we can help you define your goals, craft job postings, and manage a unique search process that guarantees a broad array of candidates with well-matched experience, energy, and potential. We reach farther, dig deeper, and push past the typical to help you leap to the next stage of your organization’s progress.

People & Culture

The people who make up your organization are your most valuable resources. Investing in the development of onboarding and transition strategies, training modules, competitive compensation, and benefit packages ensures high morale no matter the role. Allow our team of experts to tailor-make HR procedures that fit your organization’s needs.

Visual & Performing Arts

We are committed to leading visual and performing arts organizations to success. We began our careers as artists and arts educators, so your success is personal to us. Let us be your trusted partners and support you through production and exhibition planning, creative space planning, professional development in arts education, and more.


Whether planning your first show as an artist or organizing a traveling exhibition, we have registrars, art handlers, curators, and copywriters on hand to help you with all or part of your curatorial process.

Cultural Facility Planning

Building a new performing arts space or renovating an existing structure requires careful planning and preparation. Simply having an architect and a piece of property are not enough to guarantee a strong outcome for museums, performing art centers, dance studios or other cultural facilities. From concept to grand opening, we will ensure your new construction or renovation project is a success.

Professional Development

Learn and apply new knowledge and skills to help achieve your professional and organizational goals. We provide experienced and emerging arts professionals, organizations, artists and educators with programs and resources that effectively guide and support arts education–in ways that are meaningful, accessible, and impactful.
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